Why Is Her Thread-Count Higher Than Mine?

SOOOOO its about that time where the nursery has to be put together. Colors, furniture, décor all that good stuff to get the baby’s room in order.  Now, I don’t want to sound like THAT guy, but my “nursery” was nothing like what nurseries look like today.

My nursery existed in a corner of my parents’ room with a crib, 3 stuffed animals, and diapers nearby so my mom could conveniently change me when I poo poo’d or pee peed.  Changing table?  That was the bed or the couch with a towel, so I didn’t stain anything.  Dresser?  My clothes were interspersed with my mom and dad’s clothes in their drawers.  Room décor?  White walls, a radiator with a cover, a curtain hanging over the window, and a room light with no dimmer switch.  It was a pretty standard set up that served its purpose.  Here I am, 42 years later, and I really don’t think about how I would’ve turned out if my baby wipes were made without PCB’s or my blankie wasn’t a 9,245 strand Egyptian cotton blanket.  My room didn’t have any dancing bears, soft light, or walls colored in “bisque”, “azure”, “cornsilk”, or “honeydew”.  For the record, those are all real paint color names; I kid you not. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

Looking around now, they have every single little thing to make it as easy as possible to take care of your child.  Everything from baby wipe warmers, to changing tables, air purifiers, and it goes on and on.  I’m not going to lie though, I do catch myself looking at stuff and saying oooohh that’s niceeeee, or, yes, yes…we need that if only to keep my sanity.  Never thought I’d see the day where I would pick out my own baby monitor with a two-way camera, 1000 feet of coverage, wifi, and the ability to hear the Yankee game if need be.  HA!.  I’ve been sucked into the baby marketing hype!  HELP!

I will say this though, if there are products out there that simplify and quicken the mundane day to day things that need to get done like feeding, bathing, and changing, then I’m all for it.  That just means I get to spend some real quality time with my baby girl instead of spending 30 minutes looking for the adhesive strap on a diaper that I will probably put on backwards the first few times anyway.  The quality time is what matters for me.  So, if I must buy a 15-in-1 dresser with a changing table and soft white heating lamp (like the McDonald’s French fries lamps) because it will save time that I can use to spend with my daughter watching Monday Night Football, so be it.  It’s worth the investment.

What’s your take on all the gadgetry available for kids? Drop me a line in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Why Is Her Thread-Count Higher Than Mine?

  1. We were raised with hand-me-down everything and we made it just fine! (For the most part). Save the money and send it to me instead. I want to feel 9,245 threadcount on my skin.

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  2. Hi tech is great if it makes Your life easier. Your job is not to make her life easier, its to prepare her for the real world. Without safe spaces, without gun free zones, etc. Teach her about bias, prejudice, and injustice, and let her know she will be subject to all of those- and that she will be fine, because you raised her properly.

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