I’m Back!

Hi everyone! It’s been some time since there’s been something posted on this blog. I’m sorry, I’ve been keeping dad busy playing with me. Oh, it’s Harper by the way and I’m going to give you guys an update on what’s been going on.

I’m four months old now and it’s been a roller coaster ride the entire time. I’ve learned so much in such a small time. I respond to my name, I can hold and grab things, I can talk now; well I know what I’m trying to say, I don’t know if anyone else does yet, and I recognize mom and dad when I see them. I also learned to whine when I’m hungry. That gets their attention quickly.  My aunt Mo plays music for me and we dance, I can even read books. You don’t believe me? Look:

Reading Is Fundamental!

Mom and dad have done a great job. They give me all the basics and all the attention I need. I know I’m not easy, but I appreciate what they do. I give them a big smile at least once a day to let them know that I love them.  Mom and Dad put me in daycare for a little while, but that didn’t work. They were really nice, but I was only three months old when I started. I wasn’t comfortable and I needed attention that only Mom and Dad could give me at that point. They hired a nanny to watch me a few days a week and that’s been fun! I get to play with mom on Monday when she works from home and with dad on Friday when he works from home. I let them work for a while, but then I let them know “Hey, hellooooooo..Harper here! Time to play! Let’s do this!!!” Eventually, I let them get back to work, but I need me some mom and dad time.

Well, that’s a quick recap of what I’ve been doing to keep mom and, specifically dad, busy. I hope you guys understand that he’s been wanting to write, but he’s been adjusting to dad life a bit. Now that I’m a bit older, mom and dad are somewhat settled into a schedule and he can get back to writing on a somewhat normal basis.  Summer is coming so I know there are going to be fun adventures ahead. I can’t wait until my Aunt Mo takes me to the Beyonce concert in August! (HEY! SHE PROMISED!!!!!!).

Until the next time I take over dad’s blog, have a good one everybody! I’m going back to hanging with Dad.

I’ve decided to keep him. 

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