Can I Borrow $20?

Have you ever had a vivid dream that you can recall word for word?  I recently had one where I was talking to my teenage daughter, yes the one that isn’t even born yet.  What’s funny is the conversation was probably similar to one that every parent has had with their child at some point during their teenage years.  This is how it went:

Her: Dad, can I borrow 20 dollars?

Me: What do you need 20 dollars for?

Her: I want to go to the movies with Laura.

Me: When did you want to go?

Her: Tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow?

Her: Yeah, tomorrow after school.

Me: I thought you had debate club practice tomorrow?

Her: They changed it.

Me: Changed it tooooo…?

Her: They changed it to Thursday.

Me: What movie are you guys going to go see?

Her: Don’t know yet. Laura and I were going to see what’s playing.

Me: Well let’s check now.

Her: *rolls eyes* ok.

Me: Hmm..lets see. You get out at 4 right?  So there’s a 5:30 showing of “Avengers 8″, a 4:45 showing of “The Incredibles 3 – The Kidcredibles”, they got a 5:15 showing of “The Fast and the Furious 15″, and a 6pm showing of “Batman: The Dark Knight Retires.”  Which one do you want to go see?

Her: I dunno dad. Laura and I were just going to figure it out when we got there.

Me: Well, what time are you getting there?

Her: I dunno dad. When we get out of school.

Me: So you do know.

Her: Come on dad.  Why are you giving me a hard time about the movies?

Me: I’m not giving you a hard time.  I’m just asking you about your trip to the movies tomorrow.  How’s that a hard time?

Her: Mom doesn’t ask all these questions.

Me: Oh, she doesn’t?

Her: *mutters under her breath* damn..just sold out mom.

Me: What did you say?

Her: Nothing.

Me: Nothing sounded really snarky.  But anyway, call Laura and let me know what you guys decide.

Her: Dad, I’m 15 now.

Me: Congratulations!

Her: DAD!!!!

Me: he he he…Look, for my sanity, just call Laura, decide what you guys want to see, and I’ll buy both your tickets and give you some extra for popcorn and stuff.  Just one thing…

Her: What?

Me: When you come home after the movies, I want to see your debate flash cards.  I want to quiz you on a few of them before bed.  Deal?

Her: Ok dad, deal. Oh and dad?

Me: What’s up?

Her: Can you give us a ride to the movies?

Me: *rolls eyes and mutter under my breath*

Her: What did you say dad?

Me: Nothing, I’ll give you a ride…all good.

Her: Nothing sounded really snarky…but thanks Dad!  You’re the best!

I don’t know what’s crazier, the fact that I’m dreaming about my daughter asking me for money, or that I think movies will still cost 20 bucks in 2033. Either way, I’m sure “Avengers 8” will be a blockbuster.

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