A Strong Foundation.

Day 4 of the throwback baby pics starts NOW!

Babies are fragile little things when they are born.  They’re constantly crying, shivering, weak, and need the love and support of the parents to get them through those rough patches during the first year of life.  There are exceptions to every rule.  As you can see below, I was an exception:

Standing Up
I am baby, hear me roar!

I wasn’t a fussy baby, or a big crier.  What was I?  I was an eating machine.  I had a large frame on me and needed food to keep the machine going.  Was I a fat baby?  I’ll admit, I had some extra layers, but I wasn’t obese.  The one distinguishing feature on me, that I still have to this day, are my legs.  As a baby, I had very dense and thick legs that became my trademark.  In the pic above, you can see through the pajamas a pair of legs that became the foundation of a body that was, well just a body.  HOWEVER…because of my legs, I was walking much sooner than anticipated.

I’m starting to think my unborn daughter may have picked up on this genetic goldmine.  She’s notorious for strong kicks at random times.  At a recent doctor’s visit, my lady had a strap around her stomach with some sensors that picked up the baby’s heartbeat.  As soon as the doctor walked away, boom!  My daughter kicked so hard, that the strap actually shifted from the position it was in.  Just the other day, here at home, I’m talking to the baby and I lay my cheek on my lady’s belly and boom! SHE KICKED MY FACE!!!  I jumped up and my jaw just dropped like, what the heck just happened?

Part of me was like, did she just kick her father in the face?  And the other part of me thought, hey, what a kick.  I can see Soccer or gymnastics or power lifting in her future; she got some legs on her!  The genetics are strong with this one! Maybe.

It’s that time folks: funny caption time!  Write your best funny caption to the photo above down in the comments!






2 thoughts on “A Strong Foundation.

  1. naaaaaaaaaaaa sebwenyaaaa habadish dee ba daaaa!

    That’s the opening to The Lion King for anyone wondering. Not the actual spelling of the lyric but that’s how I sing along to it when I watch it!

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