Squeeze At Your Own Risk.

Day 3 of my throwback photos starts NOW!

Do you see this baby?  This baby that was squeezed into what seems like a onesie pajama that was one size too small?  This baby that has a look on on his face like “feed me, or someone will pay!”  This baby that regardless of what I said before, would grow up to be, well, me!

Laying Down
“Hey, some food right now would be nice. Thanks!”

I couldn’t verify how old I was in this picture, but the estimate is about 4 months old.  That said, I was a pretty, um.. robust baby to say the least.  My cheeks look like they were artificially inflated.  Who needs botox when you got cheeks like that!  My midsection looks like the beginnings of a world class wrestling midsection…sumo wrestling that is.

Speaking of wrestling, time for another “legend” that was passed down from my father.

My father and uncles were big boxing and wrestling fans.  When I was born, my father was taken aback by my size, considering my mom was such a petite woman.  A 9 plus pound baby was something that he did not expect to see.  Legend has it, and when I say legend I mean my father, that some time after I was born, he gave me the nickname ‘Gito’ after a wrestler.  When I was older, I asked him where did he get the nicknames for my brother and I?  My younger brother’s nickname within the family is ‘Bepo’.  (Don’t tell him I told you, he’ll kill me..lol.)  Turns out, there was a tag team during the early 70’s named the Mongols.  The team consisted of Geeto Mongol (sometimes spelled Geto) and Bepo Mongol.  To wrestling fans, Bepo Mongol may better be known as Nikolai Volkoff of WWE fame.  Geeto stood at 5’11 and 250 pounds and Bepo was 6’4″ and 315 pounds.  In real life, I’m 5’8 and my brother is 5’11.  Maybe the comparisons are a bit of a stretch,  but gotta give it to my pops, he has a vivid imagination.

Below is a picture of The Mongols for reference:

Bepo and Geeto
Geeto is actually on the left. That’s supposed to be me.

Here is a photo of my brother and I, for reference:

I’m the one on the left.

And there you have it, another baby picture and a fantastic legend, that surprisingly ended up being true.

Ok, you know the drill.  Time for funny captions for the baby pic in the comments below!






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