Let’s Take A Stroll…

Day 2 of my baby pics starts..NOW!

Going back in time can be a scary thing.  Not because of the memories, but because of the changes you see that are just mind boggling.

Boy In Death Trap Stroller – Circa 1975

Do you see this deathtrap of a stroller I’m sitting in? How in the heck did this monstrosity make it through the safety division of whatever company sold it?  Just looking at it at a glance, I can immediately see three safety issues!  Now, this isn’t to judge my parents; understand that back in 1975, people weren’t suing people because the metal on the stroller was too cold and caused trauma to the baby which now makes the baby afraid of the cold because of a 5 second cold burst.  They probably looked at it, said hey, this is safe for our boy (by 1975 standards), looks good, good price, ok, let’s get it.  If there’s one thing I know about my parents, is that they were very careful and protected me like a hawk.

I’ll admit though, this convertible version allowed my parents to show me off without intentionally showing me off.  “Yeah, take a look, this is our son, our pride and joy, just you know, sitting here while we walk around Brooklyn on this beautiful summer day.”  Or something like that.  And the wheels? Sitting on some chrome rims before they were popular on cars…LOL!

Can I just say that my pose is straight up Brooklyn?  A little bit of a lean, straight face, and the “don’t play with me” eyes.  The only thing missing is some sweats, a Yankee hat and some Timberlands to complete the New York outfit.

As with the the previous post, share your best funny caption down in the comments. Looking forward to reading what you guys got for me!




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