He’s Home!

Day 1 of sharing my baby photos.

The below photo is of my maternal grandmother holding me on my first day home from the hospital.  As you can tell, I was a monster of a baby,  weighing about 9 lbs, 10 ounces at birth.  My mother had to have a C-Section performed because of my size.  Poor mom, at just over 130 lbs, she gave birth to a boulder.

First Day Home
He’s home!

My maternal grandmother needed all her strength to hold on to me.  You can see she barely has a smile in the photo.  Had she lost her focus, she would’ve dropped me.

According to legend, I was born during a horrible thunderstorm that knocked out power at the hospital. They had to switch to generator power and quickly deliver me during that time.  My father told me that it was like if The Mighty Thor himself was being born. Thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours, right until the moment I was delivered.  Then, according to legend, the rain stopped, and the skies were sunny and blue again.  For the record, that “legend” came from my father, a legend himself for slightly embellishing the truth.

The truth was that it was partly cloudy,  about 85 degrees, and a slight drizzle through the day.  So much for Thor right?  Nevertheless, I came into the world and had to spend a few days in the hospital while my mom recovered.   When I got home, my maternal and paternal grandmothers were there, as well as one of my uncles.  I’m sure assorted friends were in the house at the time, but that was never relayed to me.

A celebration was had and people feasted on plenty of food and drink.  All this to welcome me home!

Ok, maybe not a feast. Maybe it was just pizza and soda, but it was still to welcome me home.

Show me what you got! Who’s got the funniest caption for the photo above? Share it in the comments!

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