Life Imitates Life.

It’s almost week 37 on the pregnancy tour and our little girl could be arriving any day now.  In the spirit of that event, over the next week, I’ll be posting one of my baby pictures with a little story related to the photo each day.

The photos I selected are baby photos so that I could keep the spirit of the current moment going.  I must warn you: my adorableness could cause you to be overcome with emotion.  As I scrolled through the photos that I selected, I remembered the stories behind them as told to me by my parents and those who were there.  Some are straight forward, some are funny, but all true.  Or as close to true as can be considering it’s been 42 years since those photos were taken.  There could be uncontrollable “ooohs” and “awwwwsss” and “omg he’s so cuuuutteee!” when you see me as a baby. I’m not responsible for your emotional outbursts so control yourself ok?  LOL!

I’m pretty sure that since pictures don’t take 7 days to process like they did back in 1975, a lot of the moments captured can have the stories documented on the spot.  Comparing photos will also be fun.  There will be a few huge differences between my pictures and hers.  Besides the obvious technology differences, there also isn’t….I’ll stop here.   I’ll let you, the reader, identify what the differences will be in the photos when you see them.  Posing her in the same positions as some of my photos could be cute.  Oh god, I’m turning into that parent already? And she’s not even here? Well, it’ll be fun, she’ll enjoy it.  I’m sure of it.  Besides, I’m her father, she has to listen to me..right?

This will be a fun process.  I’m looking forward to sharing and seeing the comments on the photos.  Stay tuned!

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