The Good Life

You wake up one day with awareness and look at your surroundings. What do you see?  Well, nothing because your eyes are closed and you can’t open them yet.  Come to think about it, you can’t think either because your brain isn’t fully formed.  All you know, rather feel, is that you’re floating around in a confined space and you just..exist.

What’s that like?  Just floating around, chilling on a water bed (placenta), free food (umbilical cord.)..must be nice right?  I guess the downside must be when people poke and press on the mother’s belly.  You get a finger in the forehead, or maybe a palm on your butt.  It’s kinda like “HEY! Growing going on here..a little courtesy please!?”   When the mother goes for check ups, you get poked and prodded from the inside just to check on you and take some pictures.  “NO PAPARAZZI PLEASE!”  Then, after nine months of growing and sleeping and eating, you get an instinctual urge to go towards the light.  Funny how that works right?  When we’re born, we go towards the light, but when we die, or so the saying goes, you see the light and we try NOT to go towards the light because we end up…well, we don’t know where we end up.  Anyhow, you go from a studio apartment with a waterbed and no light (uterus), to a tightly wrapped blanket and passed from person to person.  Next thing you know, you end up doing a 30 month bid in a wooden cell with cool soft toys.  Welcome to the world little one!  Am I the only one who wonders what the baby thinks in utero?  Drop a comment and let me know what you think!

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