Information Overload.

Holy shit there is SOOOOOOO much information out there on parenting that it can drive you nuts just deciding on what to pick!

On Amazon alone there are 392 results under the search terms “books for expectant fathers”.  They all have the same words attached as well: guide, handbook, playbook, bible, survival guide, tips, hacks, and it goes on and on and on.   Am I having a kid or going camping?  Where do you start?  Maybe this is a good time to grab a beer with my brothers and have a sit down and listen to their stories.  Just the bros over a beer, outside the house, far away from distractions, and just shoot the shit.  A bar in midtown Manhattan sounds like the perfect setting! Anyone know of a great starting point in this jungle of information?  Hit me up with books, articles, products, etc. Help me earn some brownie points with my lady!


10/27/2017 BB

One thought on “Information Overload.

  1. I would start with making sure you two, as parents, have the same parenting style or ideas. How will you teach your child?What are the most important things for you to convey to her? How will you discipline? Will you embrace the same faith?
    I am a really laid back parent. Media, nutrition, language, and wardrobe are the least of my concerns when it come to my children…I know many parents who feel their child must always look good, with the best money can buy, they must go to private schools or home school, they have strict schedules and the parents decide what activities they will spend hours daily doing. They focus on the No’s. No sugar, No electronic devices, no TV, No public schools, No …… maybe because I was a teen mom but I have always let my kids pick their clothes, let them watch what I watch, let them get dirty, allowed them to explore and learn for themselves, I let them run around barefoot and in just a diaper at times (at home of course) , as teenagers they are free to express themselves as they feel they need to …BUT…BECAUSE I TAUGHT RESPECT… they choose to do the right things and know how to speak and act in public..(most of the I focused on Faith, love, family, and respect. With all of these things in place…i have to say…they have turned put pretty damn good for a single mom of 4.

    I’m wondering if I should even be on this blog because I am a mother not a father…but I have been both and I have seen what a father means to my children…and how not having one makes a big difference.

    A strong family support system is also very important. I don’t think my kids would be as awesome as they are had it not been for my sisters and parents. They are there when I am the issue. My children have a network to work with and allow them to vent because without that…they would have a lot of pinned up emotions. Thank God I have good family that always reminds them I am the boss and what I say is the ultimate answer.

    All that said…talk to your girl , talk to your family about what is important to you, so they can help guide your baby girl as you want not how they think you want or how they would have done it. That is all I have to say about that!😁


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