Breaking News!

When she told me the news, there were so many thoughts that flooded my mind.  I remember coming out of the bathroom on a weekend morning and looking at my pillow before I jumped back in to bed and there, on a towel, was the pregnancy test with a positive result.  Now this wasn’t something that was unplanned; we had talked about it before and were ready to take this step.  However, looking at that test was like BOOM!  Hey, guess what? You’re going to be a father!  Over the next few days, it was slowly sinking in that this was real and not some sort of scare like when you’re a young adult (not admitting that this happened to me, ahem ahem).  Even now, 30 weeks in, I still catch myself thinking, wow…someone is going to call me dad…or dada…or daddy.

Reactions are a funny thing.  They can be instant, or they can simmer inside of you.  For me, this has been a simmering type of reaction.  As it gets closer and closer, I feel that the reaction of being a father, not the reality, but the reaction, becomes stronger and stronger.  I think it will hit the peak on delivery day when I look down at this human being in my arms, all wrinkly and wrapped up, and my insides will say “’re a father, dad, daddy to this little girl in your hands.”

So guys, how did you find out you were going to be a dad?  What did you think when you first got that news and how did you feel? Drop a comment below and share your experiences.


10/26/2017 BB (before baby)

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